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Lucky 15 Bet Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Return

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator. The lucky 15 is a 4 selection wager consisting of 15 bets: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator. Learn more. Some bookmakers offer bonuses and consolations on lucky 15 bets. These vary by bookmaker, but it is common to receive a 10% bonus on your return if all selections win, and if only one selection wins the odds are doubled as a consolation.

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator - The quick way to calculate Lucky 15 ...

Bonuses and consolations only apply to the win part of ‘win-to-win, place-to-place’ each way bets. Lucky 15 bets are often only allowed on horse racing and greyhounds. The Lucky 15 Bet Calculator allows you to calculate the stake, return and profit for Lucky 15s, permed from up to 20 selections if required, with the same comprehensive range of options available to the Free Bet Calculator .

Lucky 15 Calculator & Lucky 15 Each-Way Free Calculator Tool

You can also place a Lucky 15 with each way bets. Our calculator allows you to select that option and essentially means you’ll earn a certain percentage of your bet should one of your selections place rather than win. With an each way Lucky 15, you generally won’t receive any winners bonuses or one winner consolation money, and when it comes to laying a stake it is a little more complicated.

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What is a Lucky 15 eachway bet? Most people know what a Lucky 15 bet is, but some still ask the question – what is a Lucky 15 eachway bet? It basically means you get the place as well. Its 2 lucky 15’s running side by side. 1 is just for the win as usual and the 2nd is the eachway bet (the place). You have the same selections in each bet.

Lucky 15 Calculator - Free Calculator for Your Winning Bets

Each way lucky 15s are more difficult to work out your winnings because you have the win-win and place-place bets to calculate. Luckily our free bet calculator for Lucky 15s works for each way bets as well – s0 do all the heavy lifting for you – and work out all potential returns for your placed bets.

Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus - 1 Winner Odds Boost - Lucky15.net

The Betfred lucky 15 bonus for just one winner is one of the most popular online. The Betfred Lucky 15 bonus is unique as no other Bookmaker offers it. Place your Lucky 15 bet and if just 1 Horse or Dog wins they’ll payout at treble the odds. T&C’s will apply. 18+ Betfred Lucky 15 bonus for all correct: Another popular Betfred Lucky 15 bonus is the ALL correct bonus.

Lucky 15 Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Bet Winnings

There is also an option to make it each way. To calculate the winnings of a Lucky 15 bet, one must calculate the outcome of 15 bets on four selections. A Lucky 15 bet consists of the following: 4 singles. 6 doubles. 4 trebles. 1 four-fold. As there are 15 separate bets, the stake you place will increase dramatically.

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4 trebles. 4 fold accumulator. The 15 in the name of the lucky 15 bet is referring to the fact this wager is a combination of 15 bets. The 15 bets include a four-fold accumulator, four trebles, six doubles and a single bet for each individual event.

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The odds need to be pretty large to warrant an each way lucky 15. The 15 Bets in a Lucky 15 are: 4 x Singles; 6 x Doubles; 4 x Trebles; 1 x Four Fold Accumulator; One of the reason a lucky 15 is so popular is it can bring big wins for pretty small stakes.