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Spirit Stones have a fixed amount of chance to evolve to the next star grade every third power-up level. Secondary stats will carry over. Grade 4 Spirit Stone can be evolved into a Grade 5 Spirit Stone (Unique). How to acquire [] Events; Hitting Rank 100; Achievements; Small chance of evolving from upgrading a 4-star rare stone (+3, +6, +9, +12 or +15)

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God of Fire's Judgement, GoFJ. Increases the penetration by 20% for each target with a shot. Increases the critical damage by 25% whenever you become unable to move. (Accumulates up to 4 times) Legendary. Increases the penetration by 7% and critical damage by 15% for each target with a shot.

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7* build - Stone build for 7* players with rerolled spirit stone slot attribute. 5*/7* build - Stone build for 5*/6*/7* player with no rerolled spirit stone slot attribute. Striker. Brief Explanations Below + Previous Stone Build List for Comparison (Spoiler): For strikers, the current meta is damage inflicted increase meta.

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Spirit stones can be levelled up by means of a gold gambling system. At each level you have a preset chance of levelling up for a given sum of gold. The level-up chances and gold required per attempt are as follows: Level. Power-Up Chance.

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Spirit stones are items that can be equipped by your players to boost their stats. They are divided by element (Light, Dark, Ardor, WW, Thunder), grade (number of stars), zodiac which determines main options (i.e. Aquarius, Pisces, etc.), from 1* to 6* and by rarity: rare stones with two main options and common stones with one option.

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Updated for Rudiel/Kaidormu/Patricia patch Nov 18, 2015. Hey everyone. /u/TheJediJew came up with the idea that I should make a list of recommended spirit stones for every player, so I did just that.

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Stone Sign 1* 2* 3* 4* ♉: On critical, recovers spirit: 4%: 6%: 8%: 12%: ♋: On attack, recovers AB: 6%: 3%: 5%: 8%: ♍: Critical Resistance: 5%: 6%: 9%: 13%: ♏: When attacked, recover spirit: 4%: 6%: 8%: 12%: ♐: When attacked, reflex increases: 6%: 8%: 11%: 16%: ♑: When shoot, critical rate increases: 6%: 8%: 11%: 16%

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