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How the Tennis Bracelet Got Its Name - GIA 4Cs

The bracelet Evert was wearing during the match was a line bracelet set with diamonds made by noted jewelry designer George Bedewi. Traditionally featuring diamonds, this style of bracelet can also be set with colored stones or a combination of diamonds and colored stones.

The Accurate History of the Tennis Bracelet | Jewelry Guide

Tennis bracelets used to be called eternity bracelets or diamond line bracelets. Like eternity rings, they are made of gemstones, commonly diamonds, set close together to completely encircle the wrist. A tennis bracelet is a sleek, modern jewelry staple that adds sparkle and sophistication to your look.

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Why is it called a tennis bracelet? | Forevermark

First coming to prominence in the 1920’s, the tennis bracelet was initially known only as a ‘diamond line’ bracelet. Now known by both, the ‘tennis’ name came some 50 years later, widely attributed to tennis ace Chris Evert, who was noted for wearing a diamond line bracelet during tournaments. However, the exact moment that the tennis bracelet was coined has been much debated.

Everything You Need To Know About Tennis Bracelets | Ritani

Tennis bracelets were originally called eternity bracelets, resembling eternity rings. They didn’t receive their updated name until the 1987 U.S. Open. They didn’t receive their updated name until the 1987 U.S. Open.

How Chris Evert's US Open Match Gave the Tennis Bracelet Its Name

Originally known as eternity bracelets, the bands didn't pick up their court connotations until women's tennis champion Chris Evert came along. The 18-time Grand Slam champion was known as one of...

Why Is A Tennis Bracelet Called A Tennis Bracelet? | Diamond ...

Find Out Why is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet by Diamond Heaven. The term Tennis Bracelet was coined by professional tennis player Chris Evert, who had a prolific career which stemmed from 1972 to 1989. Tennis Bracelets are beautiful and stunning pieces of wrist jewellery, with a number of elegant and dazzling designs available.